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"i'm just carrying on an old,
family tradition"

Okay, y'all know that ain't the truth. But we do have a pretty good story…

Our business came about unexpectedly, but it has

fulfilled a dream we have held onto for a long time.

While we always wanted to do something where our

family could work together, we were never sure exactly

what that would look like or how we were going to make

it happen.

After our world turned upside-down in 2020

(along with everyone else’s) we had the freedom to put

our creativity on full blast. One trip to Hobby Lobby and a

TikTok post later, we realized that we had tapped into

something special. Our passion for creating pieces that

tell stories was something that resonated with others in

ways we couldn’t even believe. 

That’s when Lainey Mae Clothing Co. was born. 


Inspired by our miracle baby Lainey Mae, our creative talents, and

our southern roots, we opened a boutique in our hometown of

Batesville, Arkansas and built an online community of over 195,000



If you know us, you know our southern roots run deep. We are a little

grit with a little glamour, we’re more Johnny Cash than we are

mama’s sweet tea, and we know we have found our calling. 


Forever and ever, amen.


Let’s give ‘em something to talk about

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